Group bookings


Group bookings

Multiple Apartment Bookings


If you need to book a number of apartments for a larger group of family and friends. Please contact us by e-mail as we could possibly offer a discount for a group booking.


Single Sex Parties


Southover Apartments are primarily a family holiday provider. We pride ourselves on creating a luxury, quiet, friendly holiday environment that can be enjoyed by families and couples alike.


We will consider enquiries from single sex groups after discussions with the party organiser to ensure that there will be no impact to other guests. You should contact us in the first instance by e-mail before proceeding. Failure to do so will contravene our booking terms and conditions. This will result in your booking being cancelled and you run the risk of losing any monies paid as explained in our booking terms and conditions.


Book on-line for best rates


If you fail to find what you are looking for or are having problems booking on-line then please contact us directly.